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See More About:    Gibson Electric Guitar        Gibson Electric        Gibson Electric        
Electric Guitar gear demo Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop

Gibson Les Paul electric guitar Lot 896
gibson les paul electric guitar lot 896
Gibson Electric Guitar Bridge wrap around Chrome 60s
gibson electric guitar bridge wrap around chrome 60s
Gibson Compensated Electric Guitar Bridge wrap around nickel 60s no adj screws
gibson compensated electric guitar bridge wrap around nickel 60s no adj screws

Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus 2013 Model AA Trans Amber Electric Guitar j8238
gibson les paul standard plus 2013 model aa trans amber electric guitar j8238
Gibson 1971 Les Paul Custom Black Ebony Used Electric Guitar FREE Shipping
gibson 1971 les paul custom black ebony used electric guitar free shipping
Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus Used Electric Guitar FREE Shipping
gibson les paul classic premium plus used electric guitar free shipping
1948 Gibson ES 150 Hollow Body Electric Guitar
1948 gibson es 150 hollow body electric guitar
Gibson SG Jr Ebony Electric Guitar Free Shipping w GC E1550
gibson sg jr ebony electric guitar free shipping w gc e1550
2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic VS 082897 Electric Guitar w HC E1549
2008 gibson les paul classic vs 082897 electric guitar w hc e1549
Gibson Les Paul Custom 35th Anniversary Electric Guitar Free Shipping w OHC E312
gibson les paul custom 35th anniversary electric guitar free shipping w ohc e312
Gibson MIII Electric Guitar Red w SC E338
gibson miii electric guitar red w sc e338
2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar Free Shipping w HC E1558
2012 gibson les paul traditional electric guitar free shipping w hc e1558
2010 Gibson Custom Shop Flying V Copper Sparkle Electric Guitar E486
2010 gibson custom shop flying v copper sparkle electric guitar e486
1979 Gibson Les Paul 25th 50th Anniversary Electric Guitar w OHC E313
1979 gibson les paul 25th 50th anniversary electric guitar w ohc e313
1997 Gibson Les Paul Double Cutway Studio Electric Guitar w SC E337
1997 gibson les paul double cutway studio electric guitar w sc e337
NewGibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Koa Natural Electric Guitar w HC E1538
newgibson custom shop les paul custom koa natural electric guitar w hc e1538
Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Free Shipping w SC E1482
gibson les paul standard electric guitar free shipping w sc e1482
1969 Gibson SG Junior Electric Guitar Faded Cherry Vintage FreeShipping wCC E298
1969 gibson sg junior electric guitar faded cherry vintage freeshipping wcc e298
1992 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1959 Reissue Electric Guitar E1592
1992 gibson custom shop les paul 1959 reissue electric guitar e1592
2004 Gibson USA60s Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Free Shipping w HC E596
2004 gibson usa60s les paul standard electric guitar free shipping w hc e596
Gibson Custom Shop YCS 57 Les Paul MAHO TV Yellow Electric Guitar w HC E1553
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1976 Gibson 1979 Les Paul Custom Chrome Parts Electric Guitar w HC E340
1976 gibson 1979 les paul custom chrome parts electric guitar w hc e340
2005 Gibson ES 175D Natural Electric Guitar w OHC E1671
2005 gibson es 175d natural electric guitar w ohc e1671
1989 Gibson USA Les Paul SLASH Electric Guitar Vintage w OHC E593
1989 gibson usa les paul slash electric guitar vintage w ohc e593
2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Light Burst Electric Guitar w HC E317
2016 gibson les paul traditional light burst electric guitar w hc e317
2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar Free Shipping w HC E1471
2000 gibson les paul classic electric guitar free shipping w hc e1471
2016 Gibson SG Dark 7 LTD EB Limited Runs SG Dark 7 Ebony Electric Guitar E1477
2016 gibson sg dark 7 ltd eb limited runs sg dark 7 ebony electric guitar e1477

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Gibson Electric Guitar


10 Interesting Facts About Gibson's Legendary 335 Electric Guitar by Jim J Ward

The Gibson ES 335 semi-acoustic electric guitar is just one of those guitars that brings up a number of fond and exciting memories of my earlier childhood days, when I was very first addicted to learning how to play the guitar.

Numerous bands and musicians from the late 50s and 1960s appeared to have a guitarist happily playing these F-holed instruments. The old black and white Television footage on programmes like Top of the Pops would reveal the diverse musical genres that the 335 electric guitar could manage comfortably. Blues, jazz, pop and rock and roll were indicitive of the musical styles that guitarists played on the Gibson 335.

Listed here are 10 useful facts about this electric guitar:

1. The Gibson ES 335 was the world's first commercial semi-acoustic electric guitar.

2. Up until 1952 the Gibson organization had been only making totally hollow bodied electric guitars. These guitars were commonly prone to feedback squeals when played through an amplifier at greater volume.

3. The 335 is neither a totally solid body or a hollow acoustic guitar. A solid block of hardwood goes through the centre of the body with hollow side's that contain two F-holes producing the acoustic chambers. This served to reduce the horrible feedback.

4. The semi-acoustic style and design was a joining together of earlier designs to produce the very best of both worlds, in other words the amalgamation of a solid and acoustic body.

5. Two infamous humbucking PAF guitar pickups were employed in the initial models. These humbucker pickups were the same as used on the Les Paul models at that time.

6. The resulting guitar was extremely flexible and as pointed out earlier ideal for various genres of music. Renowned players of varied styles of music include: B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Alex Lifeson, Dave Grohl, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and Carl Wilson.

7. Production started in 1958 selling at a basic price of $267. 50.

8. The timber employed in the construction includes: a solid maple centre block with a maple plywood top and back, mahogany was used for the neck (maple was implemented very rarely) and normally rosewood fretboard though sometimes ebony.

9. The most desirable model was what has become known as the 'dot neck' type. These employed dot inlays in the fretboard as opposed to block inlays. The 1958 and 1959 versions with dot inlays in addition to stop tailpieces are considered the very best.

10. 1962 saw the introduction of block fingerboard inlays, replacing the dots and also the shape of the double cutaways transformed from the original 'Mickey Mouse' style ears to slightly more pointed.

So there it is. An excellent ES 335 really is a delight to hold and play and the product is still manufactured today. It truly is well worth testing an example out in your local music store, even if it is simply to experience it.

Jim Ward is a keen guitarist and loves to write about various electric guitars. For a great guitar blog on famous guitarists and all aspects of guitar pickups he recommends visiting: There's also lots of information there on upgrading your instrument's current Humbucker Pickups.

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