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Vintage 1968 Fender Stratocaster Case Telecaster Strat Tele TAIL LOGO 1968 1970
vintage 1968 fender stratocaster case telecaster strat tele tail logo 1968 1970
1994 Fender Dealer Magazine Full List Strats Teles PBass Custom Shop Tube Amps
1994 fender dealer magazine full list strats teles pbass custom shop tube amps
Vintage 1966 Fender Statocaster Neckplate HENDRIX ERA Maple Neck STRAT 1967 1968
vintage 1966 fender statocaster neckplate hendrix era maple neck strat 1967 1968
1997 Fender Frontline Magazine Full List Strats Teles PBass Color Charts 96 Page
1997 fender frontline magazine full list strats teles pbass color charts 96 page
1956 Fender Stratocaster String Tree and screw Vintage 56 Strat Exc  USA
1956 fender stratocaster string tree and screw vintage 56 strat exc usa
Vintage PRE CBS Fender Stratocaster Pickup Covers 1961 1962 1963 1964 STRAT SET
vintage pre cbs fender stratocaster pickup covers 1961 1962 1963 1964 strat set
Fender Strat Telecaster
fender strat telecaster
1970 Fender Stratocaster Strat Original Vintage pickups
1970 fender stratocaster strat original vintage pickups
Vintage 1959 1963 Fender Stratocaster Jazzmaster Brown Case Strat Jaguar 62 1960
vintage 1959 1963 fender stratocaster jazzmaster brown case strat jaguar 62 1960
Early Fender CBS Vintage Strap Metal Buckle Mojo Headstock Logo USA Relic Strat
early fender cbs vintage strap metal buckle mojo headstock logo usa relic strat

Wilkinson Deluxe 6 Inline Gold Vintage Tuners for Fender Strat Tele WJ 55 6G
wilkinson deluxe 6 inline gold vintage tuners for fender strat tele wj 55 6g
Wilkinson Chrome Mini Sealed 6 Inline RH Tuners for Fender Strat Tele WJ 05 C
wilkinson chrome mini sealed 6 inline rh tuners for fender strat tele wj 05 c
1991 Fender HM Strat Body Original Floyd
1991 fender hm strat body original floyd
New Fender American Deluxe Strat Stratocaster Plus Mystic Sunburst HSS Rosewood
new fender american deluxe strat stratocaster plus mystic sunburst hss rosewood
 Rocky Fender Stratocaster Guitar Strat USA American vintage design
rocky fender stratocaster guitar strat usa american vintage design
Fender Saville Theatre Strat Stratocaster USA american standard Jimi Hendrix
fender saville theatre strat stratocaster usa american standard jimi hendrix
Vintage pots fender Stratocaster strat 1966 66 capacitor switch guitar 250k
vintage pots fender stratocaster strat 1966 66 capacitor switch guitar 250k
Fender Squire Strat Affinity
fender squire strat affinity
Fender Squier Stratocaster Strat Body HSH relic solid wood full thickness
fender squier stratocaster strat body hsh relic solid wood full thickness
Maple Guitar Neck for Fender Strat ST Parts Replacement Fretboard 22 Fret
maple guitar neck for fender strat st parts replacement fretboard 22 fret
Genuine Fender Wilkinson Roller Nut American Deluxe Strat Plus Beck
genuine fender wilkinson roller nut american deluxe strat plus beck
Squier Fender Strat
squier fender strat
11 Holes Guitar Pickguard with Back Plate Screws for Fender Strat SQ Guitar
11 holes guitar pickguard with back plate screws for fender strat sq guitar
Starcaster By Fender Strat
starcaster by fender strat
Neck Fen Strat Maple Replacement Neck Fingerboard Fender Stratocaster Electric
neck fen strat maple replacement neck fingerboard fender stratocaster electric
Fender Classic Mid 90s Era Red Label Molded Tele Or Strat Hard Shell Case
fender classic mid 90s era red label molded tele or strat hard shell case
2014 Fender Standard Stratocaster Strat BODY Guitar Parts Alder
2014 fender standard stratocaster strat body guitar parts alder
Fender Eric Johnson Strat Loaded Pickguard W Emerson Switching System
fender eric johnson strat loaded pickguard w emerson switching system
Fender Squier Standard Strat Electric Guitar Maple Candy Apple Red NEW
fender squier standard strat electric guitar maple candy apple red new
Fender Squier Standard Strat Maple Antique Burst
fender squier standard strat maple antique burst
Fender 50s Stratocaster Strat Guitar Maple w Gig Bag 2 Color Sunburst NEW
fender 50s stratocaster strat guitar maple w gig bag 2 color sunburst new
Fender Squier Affinity Strat Electric Guitar Rosewood Brown Sunburst NEW
fender squier affinity strat electric guitar rosewood brown sunburst new
1989 Fender HM Strat Model 25 8102 Parts Volume TBX DPDT Switch
1989 fender hm strat model 25 8102 parts volume tbx dpdt switch
Squier by Fender Mini Strat Project Loaded Neck Rosewood Fingerboard
squier by fender mini strat project loaded neck rosewood fingerboard
Fender Stratocaster USA Electric Guitar Strat 2003 Model + Orig Molded Hard Case
fender stratocaster usa electric guitar strat 2003 model + orig molded hard case
Creanoso Roller String Tree Guides Retainer 4 Pcs For Fender Strat Tele Guitar
creanoso roller string tree guides retainer 4 pcs for fender strat tele guitar
1995 Fender American Vintage Reissue 57 Stratocaster AVRI 1957 with Case Strat
1995 fender american vintage reissue 57 stratocaster avri 1957 with case strat
Fender Custom Shop Guitar Neck Plate for Strat or Telecaster
fender custom shop guitar neck plate for strat or telecaster

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Fender Strat

See More About:    Fender Strat        Fender Stratocaster        Fender Stratocaster        
Stratocaster -- Squier vs Fender vs Custom Shop

Pleasantly Pleased By Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar With The Greatest Price.

I'm new at all to learning guitar. I own a Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar including a amp and though I have tried many times to learn to use it, there looks like it's other things taking my attention from the learning how to play. Enter the Rockband 3's Fender Mustang Pro Guitar and suddenly getting to know becomes extremely intuitive. Area note: The tutorials in the game are not preachy , nor feel like you have a dry music class. They are high superior and abundant!

I've owned this Rock Band 3 Guitar for 2 months now, have played it almost everyday and I'm glad to mention the buttons are possibly not getting stuck or distressed like Guitar Hero guitars (I'm looking at you Guitar Hero World Tour that i had to return 4 times and finally giving up).

1. Quality is a plus: Strings offer good tension and don't lose tension with effort. Buttons depress easily and provide no more resistance when compared with actually pressing down at a string. In fact I get barre chords easier within this guitar than on a true guitar.
2. Neck disassembles for the purpose of easy storage
3. Wifi
4. You can strum the strings aggressively but it doesn't damage the acoustic electric guitar.
5. Rockband 3 sees the signal surprisingly well sufficient reason for no apparent lag.

1. Rockband 3 doesn't recognize bent notes therefore far I haven't established how to do a slide even on a sustained note that Rockband may well understand. Perhaps it's manageable, but I can't confirm it.

For what it is actually: a learning tool: this peripheral works just as advertised.

Shortcomings versus a really guitar:
1. By means of buttons, sliding along the fret board to complete a C5 followed by an F5 oh no - a C5 power chord sometimes leads me to slide to another one "string". Thankfully this may be the biggest issue, which is absolutely not so bad an problem. Probably my being a noob is in charge of 85% of this concern which maybe will improve after awhile. But I do fall better on my actual Strat.
2. Each string is the same size and feel i really find myself plucking the wrong string a tad bit more easily than on a true guitar: once again I for the most part blame my inexperience with this.
3. The strings don't make sound other than a plucking sound so you will have to trust that what you can be playing produces the true song sound played by means of Rockband.
4. This guitar is slightly smaller when compared to a real guitar but it won't bother me. I switch from Mustang to real guitar and spine without feeling like there is a discrepancy.
5. Sometimes I find myself that Rockband accepts tiny mistakes like strumming a string I will not be strumming, but usually the overall game is right on money.

I am simply linking how it differes at a real guitar and there's nothing meant to detract made by this excellent product. My goal is that will help you decide if you intend this Fender Mustang or discover the Fender Squier "real" acoustic guitar.

I really think this Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar is usually a labor of love and worth every penny.

I give this any 9/10, where 10/10 is really a real guitar. I had a truly experienced guitarist over as well as he mastered this device in seconds and learned a brand new song with disturbing ease. He liked the guitar substantially and was very impressed.

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