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Reputed Guitar Classes specially for Beginners

Do you want to learn guitar and not finding a good guitar learning platform or classes, then you must be worried that where you can find out the perfect place to learn guitar. Here we will discuss about the correct place to get knowledge about the guitar.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions...

    What type of electric guitar should i get?

    I have nailed acoustic guitar and have had many expierience with electric guitars but I don't own one. Which guitar do you think would most fit right for me

    Best Answer...


    To advise we'd need a lot more information than that you don't have an electric guitar! You need to decide approximately how much you have to spend, what type of sound you like (a clean country type sound, a generic rock sound, metal etc.), what you like the feel and look of, and then go and try some out.

    Anyone giving you advice here on the information you give will just be telling you to buy whay they like!

    Don't forget to allow funds for an amp.